TV simulator is a silly javscript experiment totally a thing for the hardcore gamer/TV viewer. Experience the thrills of fiddling with antennas and banging your TV set to make it work, all in your browser!

I might work on a few more ideas for this: switching channels, a pong minigame, the VCR DLC…

I’m making a javascript shooter game! It’s sort of an ordinary spaceship shooter meets Breakout. Bullets bounce against the sides of the playfield and there is a shield powerup you can get that will reflect certain types of bullets. You can use them to increase your firepower, carefully aiming them back at the enemies or just spreading them all around the screen ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

The game is already in a playable state, you can try it out here. I plan on adding new enemies, more level variety, explosion animations and online highscores. When I do, I’ll try to post updates here.

The Beautiful Game: Inside OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

In this wonderful account by the guys who ported OutRun 2006, they talk about the culture and work ethic of the japanese and how that reflects on their game development.

I just spent most of the day trying out iRacing for the first time. They recently rolled out official Linux support, so I thought I owed it to buy the one-month subscription and give it a shot.

At first I was happy to see everything working fine, including force feedback, and really good performance on the Intel HD 4000 with only a few minor graphics issues. I was also blown away by how deep and immersive the simulation is. Then I tried racing online…

I got good lap times and qualified either on pole or second place for most of the sessions, but between first-lap crashes and technical issues, I couldn’t finish a single race.

Okay, so once I was leading and the screensaver came on, the screen went black and next thing I know, I was in the tyre barrier. Completely stupid of me not making sure the power management was off beforehand. But I had the game freeze on me a couple of times, the screen locked up but I could still hear the sound of me blindly crashing out of the race.

The thing is, what was supposed to be a fun weeked turned sour pretty fast. That’s the thing with online gaming, especially with something as hardcore and high-performing as sim racing. How satisfied you get with your gaming is totally dependant on the other players’ behaviour and on the hardware/internet connection running smoothly all of the time.

If I get a lock-up during an rFactor race against AI cars, or if someone walks into the room and breaks my concentration, I can just take a deep breath and start over again without getting completely frustrated. I can also drive a little crazier without fearing that I might be runining someone else’s fun.

The fact that I am running on integrated graphics might be accountable for the hangups, but I am not sure about investing on a better setup just for the hopes of solving that. For now, I don’t think I will be renewing my iRacing subscription. There is no value in the sim outside of the online component and it’s not worth it to keep it and just do time trials.

Edit: as of February 2014, I am hooked on iRacing. On my way to A class and 2500 iRating. The problems I encountered were at least partially resolved by upgrading to a low-end GeForce 610 card. Eventually I started racing on Windows as I set up my desktop computer as a gaming machine. My laptop which I use for work and internet still runs Linux, but I don’t have the iRacing software installed anymore.

I guess my critique of online gaming is still valid, but there is no match for the competition and the learning experience that is iRacing. You just have to deal with the bad stuff, and take breaks every now and then so it doesn’t wear you out.

Here’s a new font I’m working on. Changed my old font code so that it is no longer monospace.

This scene should be the background for the main menu. I used this generator for the alien planet’s texture. The asteroids still need some work, but thought I’d share the progress nonetheless.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I wish I could say I’ve been busy but I haven’t! Just trying to focus on other hobbies and getting out of the house some more. Game development is kind of an all-or-nothing thing for me, if I’m not really feeling all that motivated then it’s time I take a break.

This weekend I got to work on lighting and shadows for the ship. I am guesstimating the normals for the surfaces, there is some normal-calculating code from road3d I could use but it will take some rewriting. Also worked on a few sound effects and other visual feedback for the player.

I’m a bit late to the party but Steam for Linux is awesome

ghribacki replied to your photoset: Drawing the tunnel with textures! It actually…

Wow! This is looking awesome! Gifs? :D

Thanks :D I hope to make a new gameplay video soon, will try to learn how to make some gifs out of it.

Drawing the tunnel with textures! It actually looks nicer in motion than it does on screenshots.